Sunday, April 14, 2013

Today + Reflux Nightmare

  • Today Tony worked on the tree in the front yard. He’s decided to try to keep it for the time being. He chopped off another large branch and dug up all the grass and weeds around it and added top soil and mulch. It looks pretty nice out there.


  • Landon helped with the yard work by carrying the bags of mulch and top soil over to the tree. He tried to help with the digging, but it was tough work.


  • The babies were happy to be outside a bit and with everyone out of the house, I did some much needed picking up and vacuuming.



  • This little girl came in to help me make lunch and really enjoyed the pots and pans.



  • I put one of my big plants on the deck today to get some sun, and Tony gave Dakota a ride across the kitchen floor on the rolling cart it normally sits on.




*Just want to mention here something I learned today. And, a warning to anyone who may read this, it’s gross.

Dakota is, under no circumstances, over her reflux. We’ve had it under control for a while now by giving her three doses of meds daily. When we spoke to her doctor about it on Friday he said we could quit the meds and see what happened. When she was irritable yesterday I just chalked it up to a long day. When she didn’t sleep well last night, I thought maybe it was just a rough night. When she was moody and irritable and not eating all day today, I thought “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!?!?!”  and then, at 6pm, it dawned on me that she hadn’t been taking the medicine. So, I immediately gave her a dose and we went upstairs to do our nightly routine.

Once we were all settled, I gave her a bottle as I usually do…and it all came back up. It was awful! So, we re-bathed (it was THAT bad) got dressed and fixed up another bottle. Back when this was going on all the time, she’d vomit then eat a bottle and be fine. This time, that didn’t happen. She drank the bottle but everything came back up, again, only worse. This is probably tmi, but I saw food come up that she didn’t even eat today. Stuff from dinner yesterday, for instance. After this second explosion, we both showered, and then she was exhausted. She just fell right to sleep on me within seconds of me sitting to rock her.

I feel awful about this whole thing. I know the doctor told us we could just quit and see what happened, but I wasn’t completely paying attention to the warning signs that she was giving me. She was irritable, not able to eat comfortably and just generally unhappy. I’ve got to keep this in mind for the next time we try to take her off of the medication…not that we’ll being doing that for a LONG time!

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