Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Flower Shopping

After Harper got home from his hour at Rolly Pollies, the kids, Mema and I headed out to Papa John’s farm to look at all the flowers.





It’s hard to go there and not want to spend a ton of money.There are nine greenhouses just teeming with gorgeous flowers and it kills me to walk up and down those aisles knowing I’m only going to be buying a few of this or that. I want it all…or at least a few of each. :)

Harper grew bored with the whole flower thing pretty quickly. However, he was happy to run up and down the sidewalk and ignore me as I called him over to help me choose flowers.


Shortly after taking this picture he fell and scraped his knee. He hobbled over for a kiss and then was happy to sit in the cart until it was time to go.


It was pretty warm out so we didn’t stay long and we didn’t get much, but as soon as Tony got home from work, I took the opportunity to run back out there! I ended up getting a flat of pansies, 4 begonias, 4 dahlias, 8 portulaca and a flat of purslane.

Now I just gotta keep my fingers crossed that we don’t get another frost!

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