Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kota vs. Ginger

Now that little Kota is able to get around on her own, she’s into everything, just as I knew she would be. One of her favorite things is to grab the dog’s rope when she sees it. It’s been a chore keeping it out of her mouth, but after lots of “no-no’s” she doesn’t try that so much anymore.

Yesterday she had Ginger’s toy and was waving it around and I guess Ginger thought it was playtime…they’ve played many times since then.

As we watched her play with the dog, Tony and I were both reminded of when Landon was about her age and would do the very same thing. He just loved playing with Gingers rope! I love how gentle Ginger is with her too, she never snips at her and is always careful to only grab the rope; she really is a great little dog.

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