Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Monday

As far as Monday’s go, today was a good one.

Harper has been doing great with potty training and we haven’t had any accidents in the past few days. He’s finally come around about telling us when he has to go and we seem to be headed into zero diaper zone with him. The only time I use a pull up with him is when we’re going to be gone a long time and when he sleeps, but I think that’ll even become a thing of the past if he keeps doing what he’s been doing. I couldn’t be prouder of my little guy!

2013-04-29 001 2013-04-29 003

Yesterday I decided to make Harper an account on I’ve been thinking about it for awhile but went ahead and did it yesterday. So far I’m pretty impressed. I loved that they had a mouse/pointer tutorial for him to get used to using a mouse. He’s so used to the iPad that initially he kept trying to touch the computer screen to move things, but once he figured out the mouse, he was set. I like that he’s learning how to use the computer and learning all kinds of great things on the site. My little guy sure is growing up…

 2013-04-29 001 2013-04-29 005

Dakota had a good day today too. She is officially cruising furniture now, not just pulling up and standing. We went to playgroup today and she was all over the place, it was so much fun to watch her do her thing! It’s strange to think that a month ago she couldn’t get anywhere unless she rolled there! This morning she slowly lowered herself from the toy box to the floor so she could play with a toy. She was concentrating really hard on what she was doing the whole time…and she did it! She’s also doing better with eating. She’s eating more and more table foods and even more willing to feed herself. She’s just doing things in leaps and bounds these days, it’s crazy.

Another bit of good news: Landon came home from school with a 100% on a paper he wrote in class. He was pretty proud of himself! I’m always happy to see a paper with an A on it, so I was proud of him too! Smile

Happy Monday!

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