Thursday, April 11, 2013

Perfect Weather

We’ve been spending A LOT of time outside these past several days. The weather here is absolutely crazy, with the temperature fluctuations, but we’ve definitely been taking advantage of the warmer temps.

I just drag out an old quilt, some toys and snacks and we’re good to go.


Harper likes to use my spray bottle to water all the flowers. Unfortunately he also tramples them all in the process.


Just in the last day or so Dakota has figured out how to pull herself up to that cube (and many other toys) you see in the next photo. She’s just figuring things out, left and right! (She’s kinda hidden behind it in the picture, but she’s there!)


“Look what I did to my hat, Mama!”


Harper has seen Tony and I using some gardening equipment so of course he too has to give it a try.


The temps were in the upper 70’s for a day or two but by Wednesday we hit 90! What a difference a day makes, right?

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