Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saturday at Mema’s

We had dinner at Mema and Umpa’s house yesterday. Since the weather was so beautiful we decided to bring along our homemade swing to hang from one of her awesome tree branches.






The three little kids loved it! We had to enforce turn taking, but I think they all got their fill. It’s funny to me that Harper likes it as much as he does. He isn’t usually big on the swings when we go to the park, but he really enjoys this one.

Poor Landon is just a bit too big for the swing, but he found other ways to entertain himself…and us.





He’s actually got really good balance and can stay on top of that ball for a good while. He even got to his feet for a split second before falling off. Better than I could do!

Mema really has the best trees in her yard. They are just perfect for climbing up and sitting in. Better yet, just have your mom and dad sit you up there, no climbing involved!

I put my camera down to help Harper up into the tree. He was all smiles but while Tony watched him as I retrieved my camera, things went sour. No smiles for the camera, just “I want down!!”.


Dakota was just confused by the whole situation. (Don’t worry, Tony was standing there holding her, you just can’t see him.)


Lea didn’t seem to mind sitting up there at all!


When we were tired of chasing the kids around the yard, we went in to play a round of Mr. Mouth.


Of course the kids are too young for this gam and one of them ended up pulling the frogs head off. Dakota was pretty happy about that though.


She kept gnawing on Mr. Mouth, and at one point she had it covering her face. When she moved it I said “Peek-a-Boo” and that’s when we got into a full blown peek-a-boo game.

This is how she hides herself:



Pretty adorable, huh?

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