Thursday, May 2, 2013

10 Months

Our little sweetie is 10 months old today.

10 months.

10. Whole. Months.


That means I have exactly two months before she’s one year old. It makes me crazy.


She is a little spit fire. Now that she’s crawling, nothings safe. She’s constantly pulling the leaves off of my house plants, picking up the tiniest things off the floor to stick in her mouth, pulling up to any piece of furniture she can get a grip on and has me racing her to the dogs food bowl non stop all day long. The dog bowl thing has definitely become a game because she’ll head for it, then stop to make sure I’m watching, the she’ll turn and go for it and smile the biggest smile when I scoop her up. She loves it.


She still loves to play with rattles or anything she can make noise with by shaking. She loves bath time. She LOVES to play with her brothers. (Harpers even coming around and letting her play with him sometimes!)


She’s a ham. She makes hilarious faces and has a terrific belly laugh. And, would you look at those chompers?! Six of those sharp little teeth in her mouth!



She’s terribly sweet and when she wants attention, she’ll lay her head down on whatever’s available, and give you “the eyes”. Those sweet baby blue eyes…


Happy 10 months to our sweet, sweet baby girl.


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abhasoft said...

thank you

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