Sunday, May 19, 2013

He’ll just be 5…

Harper can really say some pretty funny stuff these days.

Just a few days ago we were on our way to dinner when we had to cross a busy street. I had the two little’s by myself, so as I was unbuckling them I was telling Harper that I really needed him to be a big boy and hold my hand while we crossed the street. He thought about it a second and then said “Ok, I’m gonna be 5”. Smile I suppose to a two year old five is a “big boy”! He did hold my hand though and if I didn’t know better he could have passed for 5!

Then, on the way home from the restaurant, just as I got everyone in the car and buckled in, Harper tells me he needs to potty. Of course. When he saw the worried look on my face (I was just thinking how I’d have to get everyone back out of the car and back across the street, blah, blah, blah) he said “Oh, don’t worry mama, I’m big and I won’t potty in my pants!”

Wouldn’t you know that we got stuck in traffic and a trip that usually only takes 15 minutes turned into a 45 minute ride. But, my big boy held it the whole way and made it to the potty, just like he said he would!

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