Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pool Time!!!

Yesterday Tony and I had to take Dakota to Johns Hopkins to have her hearing re-evaluated. Her hearing test was at 11am and we were seen right away, but after that we had to see the doctor and we ended up waiting just under an hour and a half for that. By the time the doctor finally saw us we were beyond irritated…

But, her hearing has remained at the same level as before and she is doing wonderfully. It gives us hope that her hearing will remain near normal and not get worse any time soon. We were lucky that Mema was able to come over and watch Harper for us while we took her because I can’t imagine how much more fun that trip would have been if we’d had him in tow as well.

When we got home Harper was napping and we settled Dakota down for a nap as well. Once they both woke up and Landon got home from school we all headed down to the pool.

Dakota floated around in that little toy for about half an hour. She was so content. Harper was totally thrilled being about to run around and play with al the water toys, he especially loved playing with the watering can. There were a few of Landon’s friends there so he had fun hanging out with them…it was such a nice relaxing way to end the day. I sure hope we’ll be able to use our pool often this summer!

2013-05-29 001 2013-05-29 008

Funny Harper story:

As you know Harper has been battling a stomach virus for the past several days (more than a week now, actually). Last night he passed gas while Tony was giving him a bath and Tony had to pull him out of the tub because he accidentally passed more than gas…if you know what I mean…when Harper asked why he had to get out Tony said “because you pooped in the friggen’ tub”.

A few minutes later Zoe brought Tony some cleaning supplies to clean up the tub and Zoe stopped to ask Harper if his tummy still hurt. His reply “No, I just friggen’ pooped in the tub!” Hahaha!

Then, as Tony was walking him down the hallway to our bathroom to finish the job, Harper (completely nude and hobbling) said “Now I have to go take a friggen’ shower!”

That kid kills me! I don’t know how we’re going to handle his “language” when he goes to preschool…I really hope he’ll just stop saying everything he hears!

*Zoe has finally finished training at the Silver Diner and got her hours for the next couple days. They put her on opening shift, 4:30am to 1pm. She is absolutely freaking out about it! She’s going to have to get up at 3:20am to have enough time to get up and dressed, drive to the airport and catch the shuttle in to work. Yikes! Last night she was in bed by 10 something and made herself get up at 6am this morning so she’d be tired enough to go to bed extra early tonight! She may not be happy about the hours she’s received, but she sure is doing whatever it takes to make sure she gets up and there on time!

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