Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sick and Wounded

It’s been interesting here as of late. As you know, Dakota was sick this past week with some sort of nasty stomach bug. She finally got over the worst of it so we went out to dinner Friday night without worrying she’d explode in one way or the other. Dinner went smoothly and we even made a pit stop at Hobby Lobby before making our way back home.

About 2 minutes away from the house I looked back at Harper because he was so quiet and asked him if he was okay. He told me he really wanted to go home and I knew in that instant that he was sick and that he was about to get sick in my car…and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. So, that sucked. We got home just in time to clean out the van and give him a much needed bath.

Zoe and Landon both spent the night at friends’ houses Friday night, but when I got up Saturday morning, Zoe’s car was in the driveway. She’d texted me at 5 something in the morning telling me she was heading home because she’d been sick. Damn.

Harper woke up feeling better on Saturday morning. So much better that he decided it’d be fun to jump on the couch, which he promptly fell off of and hurt his foot. He screamed and screamed that his foot hurt and then started asking me to just put him in his bed so he could take a nap and that’s exactly when we started to really worry. I called Righttime Pediatrics and got him an appointment. He cried and cried that he didn’t want to see the doctor all the way there and during the time I was checking him in. He refused any kind of bribery they offered (stickers and balloons) and was just a miserable, scared little mess. We weren’t there 5 minutes before they took us back to x-ray his foot.

He was very interested in seeing his skeleton on the screen and finally calmed down. The x-ray showed that the bones were just fine but his foot was very swollen and bruised and he’s unable to walk on it so they wrapped it up in a little bandage and sent us on our way.

2013-05-25 001 2013-05-25 004

We were barely in the door when the phone rang and it was Landon telling me that he was on his way home. Sick.

So, we’re up to two sickies and one with a bruised foot. I told Harper he had a bum foot and he corrected me with “No, it’s a bum tootsie”.

2013-05-25 001 2013-05-25 007

Harper ended up spending the rest of the day on the couch. He watched TV then cried then played my iPad then cried then watched more TV and cried some more…bath and bedtime just couldn’t come fast enough.

Landon and Zoe spent their afternoon holed up in my bedroom watching TV. I don’t know what it is about my room, but when they’re sick, that’s where they want to be.

Today, things are looking up. Zoe is better, and after another full day in bed, Landon too is on the mend. Harper isn’t walking or putting any pressure on his foot, but he realized he could crawl so he’s happy with that. Dakota was doing fine all day yesterday and today until about 4pm when she threw up all over the living room floor, coffee table and Harper’s foot.

What this means for tomorrow I cannot even guess but I’m really hoping it was just some weird thing and that she’s not getting sick again.

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