Sick Baby

My little Koko has been sick since Monday. I’m not sure what’s going on with her but I’m really hoping it’s almost done…for her sake and mine.

2013-05-22 001 2013-05-20 006

I always know my kids are really sick when they fall asleep on my shoulder. Especially Kota who really loves her freedom and independence.

2013-05-22 001 2013-05-21 005

She does feel well enough to play most of the time though, and we even managed to get out in the water for a little bit the other day. She just loves being outside and even more, playing in the water.

2013-05-22 001 2013-05-21 007

Harper seemed to be getting a bit bored of playing out on the deck in the water though, so the next day I pulled out the water mat in the front yard. He told me “Oh, I just love this!” and they were both out there on that mat for a good hour. It’s nice that they can both enjoy the same toys since they’re close in age.

2013-05-22 001 2013-05-22 014

Harper still loves to pull out his chalk every once in awhile.

2013-05-22 001 2013-05-22 024

Last night, while I had Dakota in the tub, Tony was letting him play outside. Harper was practicing writing the letter “H”, and I found evidence of it this morning on my window. I didn’t even know chalk would mark on a window…

2013-05-23 001 2013-05-23 021

It’s great that it’s warm out now and Landon can go outside to play soccer with his friend. When I was out there they were pretty much just battling for the ball the entire time, and it was a pretty even match.

2013-05-22 001 2013-05-22 029

2013-05-22 001 2013-05-22 027

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