Monday, June 3, 2013

11 Months

This little firecracker turned 11 months old yesterday!


And when I say firecracker, I mean firecracker! She is spunky, demanding, hilarious, curious, smart and downright amazing. She knows what she wants (most of the time) and cute enough to get it (most of the time).


Her favorite things right now are pushing anything and everything as she walks around the house. She crawls super fast too, and it’s a chore keeping up with her whereabouts. She just loves when one of us is chasing after her, especially if we’re doing it down on our knees with her! She loves playing “I’m gonna get you” and nearly jumps out of her seat if I use my “monster” voice when I’m coming around to get her.


She likes to play what I call the “thank you” game. She’ll be playing with a toy and as I sit down beside her she hands it to me and waits for me to say “thank you”, then she wants it back. We do this over and over and even Harper has caught on to this game and will play it with her. She can sit and occupy herself for the longest times, I’d say a good 20 minutes is the longest, but that’s really long in baby time! She likes to put things in and out of buckets, and she’s recently begun putting rings onto pegs (one of Harper’s toys).


She says uh-oh every time she drops something to the floor, and most times we are eating, she’ll purposely drop food to the dog and lean over her chair to watch the dog eat it. She babbles all day long and is forming new sounds all the time. Right now we’re hearing a lot of da-da, but she still doesn’t seem to recognize that da-da is a person…not just a sound.


Hard to believe that next month I’ll be writing about her first birthday! Time sure flies!


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