Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pool Time with Zoe

As soon as the babies woke up from their naps on Thursday Zoe and I took them to the pool.


I think Harper likes to put his toys in the drain more than anything else. He’ll gather all the toys just to drop them in there and then later gather them all back up so he can do it again. Silly boy.

2013-05-30 001 2013-05-30 017

Dakota was happy to float around the pool in her seat. We just put her in there and give her some toys to play with and she’s good to go.


When Harper finally got tired of putting his toys in and out of the drain, he was happy to float around on his turtle. He just loves that thing!


I didn’t get many pictures from that day because I spent my time in the water with the kids. Zoe kept asking Harper if he’d go under water with her and at one point he said yes, he wanted too. So, she brought him under with her and that boy cried and cried about it once they came back up! I don’t think he really knew what she was talking about. After calming him down I let him jump in to me from the side of the pool several times and he ended up going under once more, and again he cried, but not nearly like he did the first time. (Probably because he knew what was going to happen the second time around!)

I told Zoe that if I could afford it I’d pay her to help me this summer. It was so nice to have someone around to help me do things with the two little ones! And who better than their sweet older sister who adores them anyways? (Thanks, Zoe!)

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