Saturday, June 15, 2013

Laser Tag Birthday Party

Last Saturday we had Landon’s 12th birthday party. He doesn’t turn twelve for another month, but we celebrate early, before everyone heads out on summer vacation. He wanted a laser tag party so we went back to Shadowland since he had such a good experience last time. When I asked Landon what kind of cake I should get (he’s not a big fan of cake, but I insist that birthday’s must have cake!!) he suggested cupcakes from our favorite little cupcake shop. They sure were delicious!


The boys had a great time running around “shooting” each other and he got some really nice gifts. I think having a party at a location is the way to go. It costs more but its so dang easy! All I had to do was bring the cake, ice cream, and birthday kid…they did the rest. Easy peasy! Winking smile


Landon had been asking to get a badminton set for our backyard so that was what we got him for his birthday. That and a little hamster that he named Pickles. She’s super cute and very sweet…but so incredibly messy! So far Harper and Dakota haven’t messed with her too much, but they are certainly interested!

2013-06-07 001 2013-06-07 014

Another few weeks and I’ll have a full fledged 12 year old living in the house. Wow.

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