Monday, June 10, 2013

Peanut Butter San-wich

Harper requests a peanut butter san-wich at least once a day. Some mornings, before he’s even out of bed, he asks for one. Not only does he want a PB&J sandwich, he also wants to help make it.

2013-06-04 001 2013-06-03 003

First HE must get out the jar of peanut butter. Then, while I’m grabbing the bread, knife and jelly, he pulls a chair from the dining room table over to the counter to watch the magic happen. He just loves to stand and watch me make his sandwich, and once it’s made he insists on standing on the chair to eat it. He doesn’t mess around either. He eats that sandwich like he may never get another one. There was a day this weekend that he had a total of 3 PB&J’s and I thought for sure he’d be done with them for awhile, but I was wrong.

His love runs deep.

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