Friday, July 12, 2013


My parent’s live right off a lake in South Carolina.


It’s nice for the kids to be able to just walk down to the dock and fish whenever they want. Usually it’s just the three boys (and my brother) that go down to fish, but this trip Zoe joined them.



I kept trying to get down to the dock to get pictures at dusk, but almost every night it was either raining or overcast or I was late getting Kota to bed. But, one night, I did make it…and boy I love these next few pictures!

That’s my brother down there.


This one is Landon casting his line.


I love the vibrant green(s) in the photo below, and the way the grasses are reflecting in the water.


While fishing isn’t my thing, I can certainly see it’s appeal. It’s very peaceful and calming out there. I can see how it’d be a good place to think and reflect and work things through.

2013-07-04 001 2013-06-30 013

But, the thought of touching fish just grosses me out, so I’ll just keep taking pictures. ;)

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