Monday, July 8, 2013

Pool Party @ Meme and Papa’s

When we got to Meme and Papa’s house on Saturday, we found everyone outside working on the yard. It was pretty hot out so after unloading our stuff and saying our hello’s we all headed out to the pool.




We had only been there for a couple of hours when Brandon and Zoe showed up. They quickly dumped their stuff in the house and joined us in the pool.



Everyone had to work really hard to win over Dakota since she didn’t remember any of them. It didn’t take long for her to warm up to Kyle though and he was able to hold her long enough for me to get a picture.


Mom made friends with her by playing the “thank you” game.


It’s really a good thing we all went out that first day we were there because we ended up having the rainiest week in history. It rained nearly every day, and sometimes it was an all day event. There were more opportunities to swim but often it’d only be about half an hour or so and we’d hear thunder. We’d wait for the storm to pass, jump in and get used to the water only to again hear thunder. It was maddening!

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