Monday, July 8, 2013

When It Rains

While the weather outside was dreary we managed to find things to do inside. Zoe decided she was going to draw a summer scene on Meme’s chalkboard, and after 3 days, it was complete.

2013-07-04 001 2013-07-03 002

It turned out pretty cool, huh?

Harper discovered the doggy door that led outside and he was happy to go in and out for awhile. He also enjoyed “decorating” Buddy while he was asleep…Buddy didn’t seem to mind either.

2013-07-04 001 2013-06-30 003

2013-07-04 001 2013-06-30 006

Kota was happiest when we took her outside (no surprise there) and we spent many hours outside on the front porch swinging. She also got comfortable with the dogs and even thought Caesar made a good chair…and Caesar didn’t even seem to notice.

2013-07-04 001 2013-06-30 011



Landon, Zoe, Brandon and Jaron spent a lot of time together. They played video games, watched movies, went fishing and shopping (when there was a break in the rain) and really enjoyed each other’s company. It’s so nice that no matter how long between visits the kids are always so happy to see each other and things just fall into place.

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