Saturday, August 3, 2013

Crofton Park

We have been having some pretty unusual weather here this summer. We’ve had some scorching hot days, but lately it’s been pretty mild. It’s been especially nice in the evenings and we’ve been taking advantage of it.

One evening, after dropping Landon off at Huntington, Tony and I took the kids to play at a nearby park. Before hitting the park though, I ran in Target to find some shoes for Dakota. Now that she’s really walking I figured it was time to get real shoes. (All her other shoes just wouldn’t stay on.) So, after trying them on her quickly I grabbed two pairs of tennis shoes and we were off to the park.


At first, she wouldn’t even try to walk with the shoes on. She just kind of stood there, holding onto the side of the slide watching everything around her. When she got tired of that she got down to crawl, but I helped her right back up and held her hand so she’d get used to walking in them. She did fine while I held her hand but was still unsure of herself when she was on her own. It didn’t take long before she was walking around without any problem though.


Harper is at the age where he wants to show me all of his “tricks”. He shows me how he can slide, run, walk, swing, jump, hop etc. He wants my eyes on him at all times. I feel like I’m constantly saying “Ok Harper, I’m watching” and he’s always saying “Mama, look at this!” or “Watch me, Mama!” or “Are you watching now, Mama, are you”? He’s really just a little sweetheart, and all he wants is to know that we’re paying attention…and we are.


When we first got to the park he ran right up to that big steering wheel in the photo above and started telling everyone that they were on a trip to Mars. Where he came up with that, I’m not sure, but I love that little guys imagination. He talked and talked about going to Mars and was completely happy to make up his story as he played.

After he landed on Mars he did some sliding and climbing. It took everything I had to let him climb on that contraption (photo below) by himself. I just kept worrying that he’d slip and bust his chin on one of the bars…but, he didn’t fall and he was super proud of himself.


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