Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy 21st Birthday, Brandon!!


Brandon, Zoe’s boyfriend, turned 21 today. He chose to have dinner with us, so we tried to make it special. We made a big homemade lasagna, salad and garlic bread. I decided to bake him a cake instead of buying one, and I found one called the Miami Beach Birthday Cake in one of my cookbooks. It was DELICIOUS! It had chocolate chips, graham crackers and walnuts baked right into each layer…yummy! The frosting was really good too, just whipping cream and a tub of cool whip. So, so good.

2013-08-03 001 2013-08-03 002

Zoe could NOT wait to give him his gifts so he ended up opening them well before we’d had dinner or dessert. It was very sweet that she was so excited to give him the gifts that she bought; and he seemed genuinely happy with the gifts she’d found him.

2013-08-03 001 2013-08-03 005

Brandon loves him some coffee, so she bought him a coffee pot as well as some grounds and filters to go with it. She also picked him up a new set of sheets for his bed and an electronic hookah. Yeah, yeah, I know…I think the hookah thing is pretty dumb too, but this isn’t about me…

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