Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Early Mornings, Long Afternoons

I’m used to Dakota being up early in the morning, but today both of the littles were awake by 6:20am, and man those early morning sure make the day long!

Harper started his day reading books. He usually wants me to read him a story in the morning, but today he wanted to look at a book by himself.


While Harper was busy with his book, Dakota was checking out a can from their kitchen set.


When she was finished observing this can she went into the kitchen to play her ABC song. She turns it on and dances and dances!

The day started off rainy, but by this afternoon it was clear and not too terribly hot, so we headed outside. Yesterday Tony put together one of Harper’s birthday gifts (he got it a wee bit early) so today we went outside to try it out.

Harper really enjoyed driving that thing around, and as you can see, Landon just couldn’t help himself! After driving that around Landon said “just think, I’ll be driving a real car in 4 years!”. Terrifying!!!



Popsicles are pretty much a requirement every time we go outside to play. They just seem to be the perfect anecdote to keeping cool. Dakota refused to let me help her with hers today, and was thrilled when I just let her have it to herself.



The only problem with giving it to her was she couldn’t figure out how to eat it, and I, under no circumstances was allowed to help. Little Miss Independent, already.


Harper ate his popsicle while listening to some tunes in his new Jeep. (Yes, it plays music!) Check out his foot on the steering wheel! :)



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