Monday, August 12, 2013


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Well, Mr. Harper Thane turned three today. It’s so crazy watching these kids grow up right before my very eyes. Day to day, it seems as if things move at such a slow pace, but all it takes is one simple glance backwards and BAM! it hits you how much things have changed.

Right between the eyes.

He was up super early this morning, around 6:15, and the first thing we talked about was his birthday. Not because he realized it, but because I wanted him to know it was his special day. I rocked him and sang Happy Birthday and he looked up at me and said “I’m three today, and I’m going to be an astronaut”! Ahh…to be three.

This little boy’s big brown eyes melt my heart. Don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely ALL three and can just about drive me to drink, but damn he’s sweet when he wants to be. He gives the best little boy hugs and it is the best feeling to be standing doing the dishes (or whatever) and have him grab my legs to give me the biggest hug he can manage. I just get the warm and fuzzies thinking about it! :)

We had a little cupcake party in honor of his big day (birthday party is this Saturday). We sang Happy Birthday, he blew out his candles then we dug into some ice cream cupcakes. He was in heaven! He got to Skype with Aunt TT, Jaron and Kyle and he talked to Meme earlier this morning. Mema was able to come over here and give him some lovin’ too, so he’s had a full day of Happy Birthdays!

Here’s a little video of him blowing out his candles…

And, a few pictures of the kiddo’s enjoying their cupcakes. (Zoe was at work.)

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2013-08-12 002 2013-08-12 010

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Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet boy. I Love you, Harps!

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