Thursday, August 29, 2013

Off to Birmingham

It’s hard to believe that just over a week ago we were heading out to Alabama to see Kiersten get married. It’s been chaotic and crazy here ever since last Wednesday so I’ve got tons to write about, just no time to write!

The trip to Alabama wasn’t nearly as awful as we were afraid it might be. We were all worried about traveling with the two littles, and worried about Umpa getting around, but since there were so many of us, it all worked out just fine. Tony and I switched between Harper and Dakota duty while Mema was able to use wheelchairs to get Umps around…it worked out perfectly. Zoe and Landon helped when and where necessary and all was right with the world…

Just a few weeks before our trip I came across a Groupon deal for limo service to and from the airport. I grabbed it up and we had a huge Navigator show up to take us all to the airport…it was huge!





2013-08-25 001 2013-08-21 011

Once we got checked in at the airport we had lots of time on our hands, so we stopped in the diner that Zoe worked in this summer. Dakota had been up all morning so she ended up crapping out on my lap while we relaxed at our table. 2013-08-25 001 2013-08-21 015

Harper’s favorite part of the airport had to be the moving floors. (Landon loved them too!)

2013-08-25 001 2013-08-21 017

The part I was most nervous about was how the kids were going to act once we got on the plane. We’ve all heard the horror stories about children crying during flights driving other passengers mad, families being asked to get off of planes because of crying babies etc…so naturally, I worried. But, the heavens were smiling down on me and both kids were pretty decent on their first trip into the sky. There was crying, and Harper may or may not have had an outburst or two, but for the most part we got off the plane unscathed.

2013-08-25 001 2013-08-21 028

Dakota sat on my lap almost the entire way, playing with whatever thing I could pull out of my bag or looking out the window. She liked opening and closing the window too…or at least bossing me around to do it for her.

2013-08-25 001 2013-08-21 027

Harper was contented with my iPad, and never have I been so thankful for technology and all the wonderful little kids games said technology has to offer!2013-08-25 001 2013-08-21 026

Zoe and Landon sat one row in front of us and Mema and Umpa sat across the aisle, one row ahead. So, we were all close and everyone had someone to sit and talk to. It was perfect.

2013-08-25 001 2013-08-21 022

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