Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bits of the Weekend

This past weekend I worked at a consignment sale for the Mom’s Club that I joined awhile ago. I volunteered to work during the pre-sale on Friday night as well as the regular Saturday sale. Since I worked both days I was qualified to shop the pre pre-sale, only open to those of us working both dates, and I scored some pretty good loot.

I paid $10 for a cute little table and chair set for the two littles. I’ve been wanting to put a little table in the kitchen for them to sit at while I’m busy doing whatever in the kitchen, so I knew I had to get it. It’s perfect, really.

Dakota was into it the minute she saw it…

2013-09-16 001 2013-09-14 002

I also picked up some random toys, puzzles and even a small lego table. I haven’t shown them most of the stuff yet, I’m waiting for those cold/rainy days when we’re looking for something to do. They’re right around the corner, I just know it.

2013-09-16 001 2013-09-16 002

Zoe came home this weekend.

2013-09-16 001 2013-09-15 003

This is the first time she’s been home since we dropped her off in August and she was feeling like it was time to come home. She didn’t get to stay too long on Sunday because she had to be at work by 4:15pm, but it was nice when she was here. Of course when Zoe’s here Brandon’s here too! (He’s here more often that she is though!)

We had some beautiful weather this weekend. It wasn’t too terribly hot and the sun was bright and shining. We spent a lot of down time outside with the munchkins.

I brought that new little table outside for some painting. Neither of them were really into it, but it did keep them occupied for about 3 minutes! Dakota just couldn’t stop putting the paintbrushes in her mouth.

2013-09-16 001 2013-09-15 011

At one point, I was in the house helping Landon with homework, Tony was making dinner and the two littles were playing on the deck. We had the door open and could see and hear them playing and then all of a sudden I realized it was quiet. I ran out the door to see why and discovered that Harper had moved our deck box (it blocks the stairs on the deck) and the two of them had taken off for the sandbox in the backyard! I looked over the rail to see Dakota walking around in the grass while Harper dug in the sand! I couldn’t help but laugh…little stinkers.

2013-09-16 001 2013-09-15 015

I suppose the deck box is no longer going to work as a gate…

Here’s a little video of our day:

Keeping busy…that’s us.

Since we’re having some gorgeous fall weather, we decided it was time for some of our favorite fall fare. Tony (at my request) made the wonderful Sausage Stromboli that we all love. It was AMAZING! He even makes the bread and let me just tell you, it is divine!

2013-09-16 001 2013-09-15 021

Landon had two games this past weekend. One at 9pm Friday night (I got to go while Mema stayed here with the kidlets. Unfortunately, Dakota didn’t sleep worth a crap for her and she was still up when I got home. Still have no idea what that was all about.) The game was pretty good even though we lost. Those boys are due for a win any time now. It was quite cold that night sitting on the field. I had jeans and a sweater on and I was still chilly. Can’t believe it’s already so darn cold at night! Saturday’s game was at 2:30 and it was awesome to watch. Our boys were playing better than I’d ever seen them play and Landon was terrific! We tied 1-1.

2013-09-16 001 2013-09-14 005

That’s our weekend in a nutshell and as you can see it was jam packed. I’m probably missing some stuff, but I gotta get to bed! Smile

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