Thursday, September 5, 2013

This and That

I haven’t been in the mood to blog much the past few nights as I’ve been completely exhausted by 7pm. We’ve been running around like crazy this week and I’m just plain tired. It seems impossible that things are going to be even more hectic next week, but with preschool being twice a week starting next Tuesday, it looks like that is exactly what is going to happen.

Right now I’ve got Harper in school twice a week, and on Wednesday morning’s he’ll be going to Rolly Pollies with Mema. Dakota has Rolly Pollies on Thursdays while Harper is at school. Landon has school all week (duh!) 2 sessions of tutoring per week, 2 soccer practices plus at least one game a week. We are running around like we never have before. It’s nice to be so busy but damn I’m tired at night.

Anyways, I’m not here to complain, but rather to post some photo’s from the past several days that I’ve been too busy to put on the old bloggeroo…

  • I bought a couple of these (photo below) from Amazon and I’m loving making the two little kids’ lunch in them. They like to eat a little of this and that so this makes it easy to feed them a lot of good stuff all at once, and it’s easier to judge portions when I only have a small square to fill.

2013-08-28 001 2013-08-27 007

  • I feel like half of my day is spent feeding kids. With Dakota lately, it has been a never ending ordeal. She’s only been getting one bottle a day for the past 4 days now and she seems to want to eat the house down because of it. She’s also cutting some molars (one is in, the other right there) so she’s not been in the best of moods this week. She’s still sweet as sugar but darn is she isn’t always demanding I get something out of the fridge for her to eat!

2013-08-28 001 2013-08-27 015

  • Harper, Dakota and I were playing with some balloons and Harps wanted to try to blow one up on his own. Of course, Dakota has to do everything her brother does…
  • Dakota really thinks she’s scary and loves to watch us jump when she screams at us. The more we jump and act crazy the more she laughs!

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