Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10 Things About Harper

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We all know how fast the kids grow up and I thought it might be cool to do a little post on each one, just about where they are and what they’re up to, right now. Since Harper is the only one around at the moment, he’s first.

  1. Favorite Snack: His favorite snack these days is pepperoni slices with cheese and crackers. He doesn’t eat them like sandwiches either, just each piece individually, but if he has one, he needs all.
  2. He actually looks forward to playing with Dakota these days. They are quite the two peas in the pod sometimes. He loves to boss her around ask her to do things for him and is just tickled when she actually does it. I love it when I overhear him call her a “sweet baby gul”. Heart melting stuff right there, let me tell you.
  3. Just in the last week or so he refuses to wear pants in the house. I think it mostly stems from laziness and not wanting to redress after a trip to the potty, but he flat out does NOT want to wear pants unless it is absolutely mandatory. I think there are probably a lot of people that wish they could get away with that!
  4. He adores preschool. He looks forward to going and is always happy at drop off and pick up. He is learning a ton from his teacher but probably even more from being around all the kids. Preschool has definitely been a good thing. (The pic at top was from drop off this morning.)
  5. He’s always loved to read, but as of late, his books of choice have been classic fairy tales or Halloween inspired. I hate reading him those awful princess/prince fairy tale books, but he enjoys them and he finds them no matter where I might put them. The Halloween books were pulled out for the season and he’s really enjoyed hearing those so I make sure to encourage those books instead of the princesses that make me want to hurl.
  6. A few weeks ago Tony did a puppet show on Friday night before bedtime. Since then they’ve put on a puppet show every Friday night. I have yet to catch one of Harper’s on video, but let me tell you, they are hilarious! Hopefully this Friday we’ll remember to record one.
  7. Despite doing very well in the potty department, he still has accidents. It’s almost always when we’re in the car because he refuses to go before we leave. He won’t go potty at school either, so I have to make sure his tank is empty before we leave the house. I had to stop on the way home from school to let him potty once and you have no idea how annoying that was. I had to think of somewhere, get there, get both kids out, run into the store, let him pee, get both kids out of store without buying anything, back in car and buckled in and back on the road. Not fun. He’s still earing pull up’s at night and up until this week he’s been waking up dry. I’m wondering if he’s just decided to go ahead and pee at night because he knows he’s got a pull up on? I’m afraid we’re going to have to let the pull ups go soon to see how he does.
  8. Whenever he gets the chance he loves to go outside and jump on the trampoline. He’s learned all kinds of dangerous awesome tricks from Landon and he loves to show them off. Swinging would have to be a close second, tied with the sand box.
  9. What I hear him say most often these days” “watch me mom!” or “look at me”. He wants our eyes on him, 24/7. He’s got lots of cool stuff to show us like jumping off the couch or how he can spin in circles till he collapses. He’s awesome like that.
  10. I’d say that Harper is typically pretty happy. He’s happy to play with his toys with or without someone else. He loves to give the dog her treats and help take care of her. He has a huge imagination and engages other kids at school in the games he makes up. (His teacher informed me that he got a group of kids together to go to outer space!) He worries about Dakota when she cries and tries to do silly things to make her stop (most of the time he’s a smashing success!). He will spontaneously come up to me and proclaim his love and tell me I’m the best mama. Sometimes he just tells me that he doesn’t love me anymore and Kota doesn’t either. He’s just brutal like that. He is my most favorite little three year old boy though, no matter whether he likes me or not.

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