Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rolly Pollies

Harper has been asking me to come to Rolly Pollies with him and Mema so today Dakota and I went.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my being there turns him into a crazy wild child. I don’t know why exactly, but I think it’s because he wants my total undivided attention and I can’t do that when I’m watching Kota. But, I could be wrong…

He did do a pretty good job listening to his teacher and I was happy to see that he was doing some things that he’d been afraid of previously. He’s really come a long way and I’m proud of the progress he’s made.

They played Simon Says and he did great. He never messed up and was paying close attention to when Simon said to do something. If Simon didn’t say it, he didn’t do it!

Simon Says Touch Your Elbows


Another activity they did was make shapes with their bodies while a parent/grandma rolled a ball under them. Sounds silly when I write it like that, but it is what they did. For instance, make your body into a triangle shape and Mema will roll the ball under you.


Next, make your body into a bridge or shaped like a crab would walk. The crab thing was hard for Harper to figure out! He got it after a few tries but we had to keep telling him to get his bottom up so the ball would roll beneath him! Smile


There are always lots of obstacles set up for the kids to do and he did those with ease. He’s just recently decided to try the forward roll, or somersault, and he’s getting better and better. For some reason he’s always been very resistant to doing them, but as of late, he’s giving it a try.


He does do very well on the balance beam though, and can do it all by himself.



While I was busy snapping pictures of Harper, Mema was keeping Dakota occupied. As soon as the teachers pulled out the rollercoaster car, she was on it! She rode it at least 10 times.


She even got brave and let Ms. Stacy help her to the top of the moon bounce to go down the slide! It’s a first for her, but Harper still refuses to enter the moon bounce. Maybe someday…


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