Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I turned 37 yesterday. I was having so much fun I didn’t even have time to blog! Imagine that!

I had a great day with the two littles, they seemed to know it was my day so they were very well behaved for me. As a matter of fact, Harper ran up to me first thing in the morning and gave me one of his famous leg hugs. Those hugs are just the best and it sure put me in a good mood…especially knowing that he didn’t even know it was my birthday!

Tony got home from work a little earlier than usual and he brought roses and a card with him. He wrote in the card that I should go and get myself a pedicure (one of my most favorite things to do!!) so after taking Landon to the tutor, that’s just what I did. I had one of the best pedi’s ever, and I learned a lot about my nail tech, Kim. She’s Vietnamese but has lived here since she was 16 years old. She talked to me the entire time she worked on my feet and told me all about her life and struggles. I didn’t mind listening to her and I guess she just really needed to tell someone about her life. When she was done talking she said “and that is my story”. I felt like she just wanted someone to know her struggles/accomplishments and it just happened to be me.

Once I pulled into the drive at home I saw that Zoe had driven up from school to see me. I was so happy to see that she’d made that effort! Brandon came over too, and it was so nice to have everyone here, even if we didn’t do anything special. It was nice that they came to the house with their cards and hugs…made me feel special!

Zoe’s really got a talent for drawing and she made me a card:

2013-10-08 001 2013-10-07 006

I guess she felt like I needed a drink or something! Smile On the inside of the card she wrote about how she thought this was kind of funny since it was so opposite of me. Little does she know that sometimes I really could use a drink! Haha!

Later in the evening I got to skype with my parents and that is always fun! We talked and laughed and carried on as usual. Skype really is pretty awesome; being able to see family is almost as good as them actually being there. Almost…

36 was a pretty great year and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for year number 37!



It was a nice birthday and I’m looking forward to another year!

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