Friday, October 18, 2013

Family Trip to the Farm

Today was one of the most jam packed and fun filled family days I can remember. We were up early and out the door by 9:20am. All 5 of us. After going on the trip to the farm with Harper’s class earlier this week, I knew I wanted to take the other kids to see it as well. So, since Landon was off school today, we headed out.

I was happy we got up and out early because it was already very busy when we arrived. There used to be a very small children's theme park in Ellicott City called Enchanted Forest. It closed a number of years ago, but the farm aquired many of the parks fairytale themed statues and buildings and has them on display for the kids to see. It’s really fun for the kids to get to see some of their favorite fairy tales come to life. Some of the attractions are interactive and some just for show, but they really are neat! Now that I’m home, I sure wish I’d have taken more pictures of them…next time I guess.

Cinderella in her Pumpkin Coach


Mother Goose Slide


We walked around the farm area checking out all the animals and we even fed the goats. Landon and Harper loved feeding them but Dakota wasn’t too sure about it. After I helped her feed them she yanked her hand back and had a look of disgust on her face. :)

When Harper and I went we didn’t get to pet the animals in the petting zoo, but this time we decided we’d give it a go. Dakota and Harper really liked petting the goats, but Landon preferred the chickens. He just couldn’t resist catching one…



After we hung out with the animals for a bit we headed over to the tractor for our hayride. We ended up getting on a tractor that didn’t have any hay though…and we ended up being the only ones on it. We had a good time finding all the faces on the trees, but man that was one bumpy ride.




I was so glad when we finally made it to the pumpkin patch.




The last thing we did was go through the pine tree maze. It wasn’t quite as tricky as the corn mazes we’ve done, but it was nice and shady inside, and there were lots of fairy tale characters to check out along the walk. I love this picture of Landon inside the maze, he looks so big and grown up.

2013-10-18 001 2013-10-18 010

We ended up being at the farm for nearly two hours and we had a great time. We were barely in the car 2 minutes before Dakota fell asleep. She was just done. We were close to the mall so we headed that way for lunch and a spin on the carousel. Harper hasn’t ever been a big fan of the carousel, but today he loved it! (Dakota liked it too even though you’d never guess it looking at this picture!)

2013-10-18 001 2013-10-18 014

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