Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Preschool Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

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Today was Harper’s very first preschool fieldtrip. We went to a great pumpkin patch about 20 minutes away and now that we’ve been there I know we’ll be back. Soon. Like Friday if I get my way.


His preschool doesn’t allow younger siblings to attend fieldtrips even though the parents are there. I’m not a fan of this policy and I absolutely HATED leaving Dakota at home while we headed out for fun. I’m so lucky she’s got a great Mema to keep her or I probably would have just not gone. I know Dakota would love the farm though which is why I’m determined to go back. Well, she’s one of the reasons anyways.


There is so much to do at this farm. We went on a guided tour and saw sheep, turkeys, pigs, cows, horses, ducks, rabbits, chickens, and even a donkey. We went on a long hay ride where the kids were able to find funny faces on trees and scarecrows hidden along the way. At the end of the ride we were dropped off at a huge pumpkin patch where everyone was able to choose a pumpkin to bring home. Harper was really excited to see green pumpkins still on the vine because they’d talked about that in school. He was so happy to pick his own pumpkin to bring home! The tour/hayride lasted about an hour and then we were free to do what we wanted. Harper and I decided to head home to see Kota though, even though he really wanted to stay and play on all the cool equipment they had scattered all across the farm…another reason I want to take the kids back!


As much as I hated leaving Kota home, I’m glad I got to spend the day with Harper. It’s always nice to get a little one on one time with the kids and this certainly fit the bill!


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