Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Zoe’s 10

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  1. Zoe’s been home a lot these past couple of weeks. At the beginning of the school year she wasn’t coming home much, but she’s been around a bit more than usual as of late. It’s fine with me, I like when she pops in for a visit, even if it’s short.
  2. She’s doing awesome in school, but oddly enough the class giving her the most trouble is Poetry! Isn’t that weird? I’d think that poetry would be pretty subjective and not too difficult, but I guess I’m wrong!
  3. She’s working at a country club but isn’t getting very many hours. Some weekends she’ll only work one day, others two. She tends to work a lot of weddings and last weekend she babysat kids for a tailgate party. She doesn’t love it or hate it…money’s money.
  4. She and Brandon are still dating. They see each other quite often as he visits her at the campus a lot. He’s also here when she is so they’ve been able to keep a manageable relationship despite their distance.
  5. She’s decided to be a vegetarian. I guess it’s been a bit over a month since she quit eating meat, and she’s still going strong. It’s something she’s always wanted to do and now seems like the time to give it a whirl.
  6. She’s also cut WAY back on her caffeine habit. This past summer she was drinking coffee all. the. time. Now she has a cup every once in awhile…wish I had some of her willpower!
  7. She loves to come home and see her siblings. The first thing she does when she gets here is give everyone great big hugs. They love to see her too (except Kota who acts like she’s never seen her before in her entire life) and enjoy spending time with her. It usually doesn’t take Kota long to warm up to Zoe though, mostly because Zoe just grabs her and gives her love…who wouldn’t warm up to that?
  8. Zoe’s very active in Relay for Life at Towson. She goes to all the meetings and is doing her best to raise awareness for the group.
  9. She got up very early (5am) to go somewhere in Baltimore to help out with a breast cancer walk. If that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is! :)
  10. She’s still my baby. She calls when she needs help, texts when she’s feeling sick, comes home when she’s needing love and tells me she loves me at the end of every conversation. She’s a lovie.

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