Friday, November 1, 2013

In the Morning

I thought for sure the two littles would sleep in a bit since we were up a little later last night, but it just didn’t happen.  Nope, they were both up with the sun (before, actually).

Dakota is getting smarter and smarter about letting us know what she wants. This morning she came over and tugged on my pant leg and then guided me to a shelf where she then pointed to a toy she wanted to play with. I got it down and gave it to her and she took it over to the little table to play. She pulled out her chair, climbed in and then took each little toy out one by one and began putting them on the window sill. I loved watching how engrossed she was and ran to get my camera.

2013-11-01 001 2013-11-01 003

After a few minutes Harper came to sit with her while he ate his breakfast.

2013-11-01 001 2013-11-01 002

It’s so cute that their little feet don’t even reach the floor at this short table!

They were so good sitting there eating and playing, and once they were done with what they had, Dakota found another thing she wanted to do; dot paint.

2013-11-01 001 2013-11-01 007

Harper thought it was a good idea too, and they just painted to their hearts content. They were doing pretty good until Dakota decided to taste the paint and then paint the wall…I swear that little girl can be such a mess sometimes!

Here’s some video I never posted of the little rascal dancing:

And a cute picture of Harper wearing my boots. He just loves walking around in those things. Smile

2013-11-01 001 2013-11-01 009

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