Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bringing the Kitchen Outside

There were a few days last week that Dakota didn’t take much of a nap. She might have slept for about half an hour or so and then she’d wake up grumpy and miserable. It wasn’t my favorite. But, she seems to be back on schedule now so I’m over it. :)

One particular day last week I had decided I was going to clean up the deck. It was time to dump all the old dying plants out of the pots and get everything cleaned up and stored for winter. The two little's weren’t happy watching though, so I brought out some toys for them to play with while I worked.


I grabbed a bunch of their kitchen set toys and some left over cereal. I made rice krispy treats the other day and had a bunch left over, so I thought it might be fun to use with the kitchen toys. They both love to pour stuff from one container to another and I figured at least if Dakota put it in her mouth it wouldn’t hurt…and no one in my house eats cereal so it would have gone to waste anyways.


They had a good time playing out there and they got to pour and dump to their hearts content. It was very easy to clean up too because I was able to just sweep it right off the deck. The birds and squirrels ate a good bit of it and the rain melted the rest away. 

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