Thursday, December 12, 2013

First Snow

We got our first snow this past Sunday. (12/8/13) To say my kids were excited would be a complete understatement! Harper wanted to go outside the second he saw it! He kept asking if he could just go outside and taste it…and we ended up letting him because he was just so genuinely curious what it would be like.


Getting two excited toddlers dressed to go outside is one thing, but to get them both dressed for snow…well that was like cramming in an entire 40 hour work week into 20 minutes.

For the snow tasting we only went out on the back deck because there really wasn’t much to see.


Dakota didn’t really know what to make of it. She just figured it must be something pretty damn neat considering Harper’s excitement! I think she may have been a little let down after getting all dressed up just to see a little dust on the deck. (There was more dust when Meme sanded my table!) Smile


Harper never noticed how little snow there was. He was thrilled! He tasted it and decided it tasted like cold. He stomped it, jumped on it and enjoyed blowing it off the railing.


It was love.

Landon had a friend over for part of the day. They were waiting and waiting for there to be enough snow to go out and play in, but it just never happened. They kept themselves busy playing on the x-box and with the air hockey table. His friends dad came by when the snow looked like it might not let up, but not long after he left the snow stopped and it all began to melt away. Lanny wasn’t disappointed though, he figures there will be lots more to come.

Zoe got quite a bit more than we did. I think they probably got between 2-4 inches or so. She said she just hung out in her dorm and kept warm. She’s smart like that.

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