Monday, December 16, 2013

Second Snow Storm of the Season

Although I never blogged about the second snow storm we had last week, it really did happen. Here’s what that day looked like:

2013-12-10 001 2013-12-10 005

Harper was a little more hesitant to go out in the snow this time. He remembered how cold it was and he didn’t care for it once his hands got too cold. I did drag the two of them out once it stopped snowing though, after Koko’s nap.

2013-12-10 001 2013-12-10 026

2013-12-10 001 2013-12-10 045

Once Harper got out in it, he was ready to play. He was scooping it up and throwing it (it was the perfect snowball making snow) and then we went to make some snow angels. Dakota wasn’t so sure about all this snow business though…

We took a little walk down the sidewalk and found some awesome puddles to jump in. Dakota and Harper both really enjoyed this part!

Landon mostly played at a friends house, but they did come down and play football in the front yard for a little bit. I guess football could possibly be fun with the addition of snow…


That snow sure didn’t stick around long but we made the most of it while it was here. I sure hope we get a little more!

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