Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Personal Advent Calendar

2013-12-07 001 2013-12-07 004

Tony was out shopping and saw an advent calendar and got an idea to make me one. He procrastinated on it a bit, but once he finally ran out and grabbed the materials, he set to work. (He did all of this without telling me anything about it.)

Behind each slip of paper is a heartfelt message about our lives together. They are just little reminders of how lucky we are to have each other and the kids, stories of our journey. Mini love letters, really.

I knew he was up to something when I caught him out working in the garage late at night, but I had no idea it was something this awesome. I love flipping over each piece of paper to reveal the days words…it’s a unique take on an old idea, and the words on each slip are way better than a little piece of chocolate most calendars offer!

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