Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

It’s not too late to post about Thanksgiving, right? Right.

The weather finally cleared off and the sun cast some warmth our way. It’d rained for two days straight so we were ready to get outside. Dakota loved chasing the kitty up and down the steps!

2013-11-28 001 2013-11-28 004

Harper lent me a hand making pumpkin pie. He really enjoys helping me when I’m in the kitchen. I hope it’s something he’ll enjoy doing for a long time.

2013-11-28 001 2013-11-28 006

When we were done with our pie we joined Kota and Daddy outside. There is nothing more fun than walking along the brick wall in front of Meme and Papa’s house!

2013-11-28 001 2013-11-28 008

Tish, Kyle, Zoe, Landon and Jaron played Super Mario Brothers all morning, and they just had the best time!

Usually I try to come up with some kind of craft that we can all write down and share what we’re thankful for, but this year I didn’t get around to it. So, at the last minute I thought I’d try to make a video. It turned out ok and we all love it, but you can tell it was very last minute! I whisper in the beginning because I was standing outside the room Dakota was napping in, and I show her on the video sleeping which is supposed to represent what she is thankful for! Her naps! :)

Having everyone think of just one word was like pulling teeth! Especially for Kyle! I guess he’s just got a lot to be thankful for and had a hard time pinning one specific thing down. There are worse things…

We feasted like kings and enjoyed one another’s company just like we have for many years now. I’m ever so grateful that we can do this every year, even if driving the 8 hours down and 12 hours back just about kills us all! Winking smile

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