Monday, December 2, 2013

Zoe’s 19th

2013-12-01 001 2013-12-01 006

Well, my girl turned 19 yesterday. Unbelievable, right? It was a crazy hectic day because we just got home from South Carolina the night before, but we made the most of it anyways.

She spent most of her day with Brandon while we were running 4000 errands but we were all able to get together at Fuji Steakhouse for dinner; her pick.

2013-12-01 001 2013-12-01 002

We thought the little kids would get a kick out of seeing the chef cook in front of them, but the first fire he lit scared them for the rest of the night. They both cried and cried throughout dinner making us all question why we didn’t just go to McDonalds. But, since it was Zoe’s birthday, we did the grin and bear it thing and made the most of it. The food turned out wonderfully and despite all their crying, the two little’s ate well. Zoe, being vegetarian, didn’t quite know what to order so she settled on some mahi mahi and really enjoyed it. (Meme made her try some tilapia while we were down south so she’s getting braver about trying fish.)

2013-12-01 001 2013-12-01 020

After dinner we headed over to Mema’s house for cake. It was a little hectic having everyone over at Mema’s after dinner because the little kids aren’t great about their schedule being disrupted. But, after a few mad dashes to the bathroom and some craziness we settled down to sing Happy Birthday. (Zoe isn’t too happy in the video because I’m sure she was feeling less than special when all the attention was on the two little crazies running around. Sometimes, crap happens and there just isn’t much we can do about it. You’ll be happy to know though, that she was happy after we finished singing and really enjoyed her slice of cake! And, Harper made us all laugh because he came out of the bathroom and informed us that “something had popped out of his booty”! Surprise poops are worth reporting!)

Zoe, I know you stalk my blog every once in awhile, so just know that I love you very much and I’m sorry we weren’t able to make your day more specialer. :) I hope you enjoy the concert we bought you tickets for!

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