Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday

  1. I took Harper to the doctor today because he’s had some kind of strange rash on his legs for awhile now. It turned out to be dry skin. D-R-Y S-K-I-N. I’m glad that’s all it is, but seriously.
  2. I was playing Super Mario 3D today with Harper. I kept dying over and over again on one particular level and Harper was about to come unglued with me! He kept telling me to just play a different level or give it to him so he could help me! I eventually beat the level and I’ve never seen my 3 year old so relieved!
  3. Dakota has added a few new words to her repertoire. Stop, Moo, and Up are among them. I’m glad to hear a few new words here and there, even if she’s constantly telling me “up” either to hold her or to get up and do what she wants me to do.
  4. Landon has a friend over for tonight. I told him to have his friend bring his laptop so they could play Mine Craft together…which is exactly what they’d be doing if they weren’t having a sleepover. They are having an excellent time!
  5. Zoe’s home for the weekend. I suspect she’ll be home most weekends since Brandon’s here, and I’m always weirdly happy that she’s coming home. It’s just not the same when your kids aren’t home…

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