Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I’m Not Terrible

I spent the majority of my day yesterday holding one or the other of the two little's. They were both running fevers and not feeling well, so there was a lot of holding necessary. We stayed home from school (obviously) and just spent the day playing with toys when they felt up to it. It all started with a cough (Harps) and slowly turned into fevers for the both of them. Hopefully that’ll be where it ends.

I forgot to blog last night until 10pm and at that point I wasn’t about to worry about it. I had to attend a meeting for Harper’s preschool last night at 7 and by the time I got home from that, I was ready to just relax for awhile. I was hoping they were going to tell us where the school was going to be next year since the church it is currently held in decided not to renew their contract with us. But, they still aren’t sure where it’s going to be so no news there.

Here’s something that made me laugh and warmed my heart yesterday.

During Dakota’s nap yesterday I decided I was going to sit and catch up on last week’s Parenthood episode. Harper and Brandon were sitting in the living room as well, playing Super Mario 3D. When Brandon realized what I was watching he said “you can’t watch that while I’m sitting here!” (he and Zoe are currently trying to get caught up on the series and are on season 3). I told him I could watch whatever I wanted to which he replied “you are a terrible person!” Teasing, of course. Well, that’s when Harper chimed in and said “No, mama. You are not a terrible person. You are a good person!” Then, he looked at Brandon and said “Mama is a good person! She is not terrible!”. I can’t even tell you how much I love that kid. Sticking up for me at the ripe old age of three! What a sweetie pie!


I found this video on my phone, too. I just never know what kind of silly pictures or videos I might find on my phone when Landon gets ahold of it!

Landon and Dakota

It really sounds like Dakota says “good” doesn’t it? It never ceases to amaze me what Landon can get the kids to do!

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