Thursday, January 9, 2014

Just Another Manic Thursday

This was a good day in my books. The two little’s woke up a tad later than usual (usual is anywhere between 620 and 640; today it was 7) and I got a few minutes to myself before tackling the usual craziness of our mornings which includes but is not limited to: starting laundry, emptying the dishwasher, dressing & feeding them, fixing hair and lunches, letting the dog out 5 times, kissing boo boos, making sure Harper has his school bag and that the diaper bag still contains diapers, getting Landon out the door and then getting the two youngest in the van and off to school before 9. It’s a workout!

We made it to preschool happily and then Dakota and I hung out at Mema’s until we had to leave for Rolly Pollies. Dakota really seemed to enjoy her time at the gym today. She was so happy running around and exploring the obstacles they had set up.

After pollies we went to wait for Harper to get out of preschool. When we get there too early I get Koko out of her seat and let her hang out with me in the front. She is always so content to look out the window and/or push all the buttons on the control panel. I snapped this picture of her messing with the little mirror in my van:


I love those chubby little fingers! :)

We got home, had lunch and then Koko went down for her nap, as usual. She woke up earlier than usual though and whoa, what a scream fest. She cried and cried and cried. Nothing I did made her happy either, so I got desperate and decided to take them on a walk. It was maybe 40 degrees out so I bundled them up and we headed for the park.


Dakota was quiet on the way to the park but even when we got down there she wasn’t too happy. Harps was thrilled to be outside playing even if we were freezing, so I gave him about 10 minutes (while I held a miserable Dakota) to run around and exert some energy. Dakota started wailing again right before we were going to leave so I got them both packed up in the stroller to head home. Well that little chick cried the entire way back. Not just cried but screamed. I had to just keep going though because there was no way I was going to be able to hold her and push that big ol’ stroller uphill all the way home!


When we got home and unloaded Dakota finally settled down. She sat on my lap in front of the fire playing with toys for the longest time. She was quiet and content and we warmed up while working on her shape sorter. I was surprised to see that she could pretty much do the whole thing by herself! I’d ask her where the circle/square/star etc. went and she’d find the correct piece and put it in the correct hole. I didn’t know she could do that!

*I was proud of myself for not getting upset with Dakota and all her screaming today. My nerves were definitely on edge but I kept reminding myself that she was probably just still tired and that she’d let up eventually…and I was right. Sometimes her screaming just makes me crazy and I just want to run and hide, but today I stayed calm and collected, and yes, I’m patting my own back for acting like a big girl and not letting it get to me! I’m working on my tone of voice and choice of words (my new years resolution) and have seen that sometimes NO words is best! I’ve got a long road ahead of me, but I’ve gotta celebrate my victories, right?

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