Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Eve Firework Painting

Yesterday I saw a cute idea on pinterest and decided to do it with the kids.


It could be used as a July 4th activity too, but since we could hear fireworks going off on New Years Eve I figured it was appropriate for New Years Day too!


All you need are a couple straws, scissors, paper, glue and glitter. On one end of each straw, cut several slits about 1 to 1 1/2 inches long. This will create your “firework”. Then, dip the cut end of the straw into the glue, dab onto paper and then glitter the heck out of the whole thing!


This activity was simple enough that both little kids could do it without much assistance and cool enough that Landon joined us for a bit. Win-win!



Today was back to school for the kids. Landon was less than thrilled about it, and oddly enough, Harper wasn’t too keen on the idea either. As he and I were driving to his school (it was my day to work at his school) he told me his throat hurt. He hadn’t mentioned it before and when I asked him what was wrong with it he told me he thought it hurt because we weren’t looking for stop signs and flags (a car game he came up with). A little while later I asked him how his throat was and he told me he thought maybe his throat hurt because “it needs some air”. I didn’t quite know what to make of all that so we just continued on our way. When we got to the parking lot he told me that he didn’t think we should go to school because his throat hurt and that was when it dawned on me that he was probably having a little anxiety about going back to school. I reassured him that he didn’t have anything to worry about and that I’d be staying with him the whole time.

Once we got inside he forgot about his throat hurting but he was very clingy. Every time he saw me he’d have to hug and kiss me and he wanted me to hold him, which is very unusual. I held him a bit and reassured him some more and he ended up doing just fine.

Mrs.Hammer, Harper’s teacher, gives the kids a chance to share something each circle time. Harper didn’t want to share anything with the class, but some of the kids answers were pretty cute. Most of the kids shared about a present they got for Christmas and one little boy said he got “Ninja Turtle underwear”! He was so excited about them and his face just lit up when he said it! When Mrs. Hammer asked if that was his favorite gift he said, “Well, I got a castle too, but these underwear have Leonardo and Michelangelo on them!” He was too cute! Another little girl said “Sometimes my mom pretends like I’m a baby bird when we’re at home.” So darn cute!


It’s snowing like crazy right now. It looks like we’ve got a few inches so far and it’s supposed to continue until about 1am. I’m guessing school will be cancelled tomorrow so I’m going to head on over to Pinterest now to find an activity or two to keep the kids busy in the morning!

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