Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow and a Science Experiment

Just as I suspected, school was cancelled today. Tony ended up staying home too because we got quite a bit more snow than we thought we were going to. I never saw an official number for our area, but I’d guess somewhere between 4-6 inches.


Unfortunately it was so cold that we didn’t get to play in it and thankfully none of the kids even asked to. It’s all of 13 degrees out right now and tomorrow is supposed to be pretty cold as well. I guess that means lots and lots of indoor activities.


Speaking of indoor activities…

I found a neat science experiment on…wait for it…Pinterest! So I gathered up the supplies and the kids and we gave it a go.

Supplies needed: baking soda, 2 flavors Jello gelatin, water, vinegar, and pipettes/syringes.

Line the bottom of a pan or flat bottomed dish with a layer of baking soda. Then, add strips of the jello, alternating the flavors. (If you use two colors such as red and blue you can also sneak in a little color mixing lesson!) I used strawberry and grape because it was what I had on hand.


The next part is the fun part! Give each child a pipette and let them drop a little water into the pan. Oooh’s and Ahhh’s all around! The colors are more vibrant with the water added and it smells awesome!



After lots of water was added, we switched to vinegar. The kids really liked this part!


See the bubbles? We added more and more until the whole thing was a bubbly, fizzy mess!



I still have lots of jello left over so we’ll probably end up doing this again soon.

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