Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oh Baby it’s Cold!

It was COLD here today. The average temp for the day was like 9 degrees. That’s pretty darn cold, especially when you factor in the wind that was crazy all day!


Harper was up at 4am and asked to get in bed with us. Tony let him crawl in and he slept there until Tony’s alarm went off at 5:30. He was awake at that point and couldn’t go back to sleep so I knew we were probably going to be in for a rough morning and/or afternoon.

Just as I suspected he had a major melt down over the flavor of his toothpaste. Writing that sure sounds silly, but this morning it was anything but. He was acting so incredibly crazy about it and screaming and crying that I too had a meltdown. It’s nothing I’m proud of but I’d just reached my limit with the screaming this morning. I got angry and screamed back and immediately hated myself for doing it. Nothing like starting the day with a screaming match between myself and a little three year old. :(

After lots of deep breathing (me) and crying (him) we kissed and made up. I apologized for screaming and made sure I told him how much I loved him. I also always tell him that I like him and that he’s my friend no matter what because to him, liking him is more important than loving him. I guess he understands like but love he’s not as sure about. (I’ve come to this conclusion because when I tell him I love him he says “I know you love me, but do you like me?” Gulp.)

We had preschool today so I had to get everyone into the car and out the door in this awful cold weather. Add a major meltdown on top of this and my morning was pretty much a bust. Harper didn’t want to go to school for some reason so that just compounded the problem. But, I told him we were going to school and that was that. By the time we got there he was fine and he hopped out of the car and ended up having a great day.

Dakota and I hung out at Mema’s house until we went to get Harps, then once we got home I made both kids take a nap. Harper wasn’t thrilled about taking a nap but he fell asleep within minutes while Dakota (who zonked out in the car for about 2 minutes) couldn’t fall asleep for what seemed an eternity. They both ended up sleeping for a little bit though and it was so peaceful…


Since it was so cold when Landon had to be at the bus stop I asked Zoe if she’d mind driving him today. I only asked her because I couldn’t do it since I had to get Harper to school, and lucky for Landon, she agreed. She even went a step beyond and treated him to Dunkin Donuts beforehand! What a great sister! :)

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