Monday, January 6, 2014

The Bench & Table that Mom Built

Yesterday I wrote about the puppet theater that my mom made the kids, so today I’m going to show off the amazing bench and table she made me.

She made the both the bench and table out of an old pallet. She knew exactly what length to make it because she’d measured my walls before she left the last time. (I’ve wanted benches inside my front door forever now, but because the length of the walls wasn’t a standard bench length, it was impossible to find something that would work.) We picked up the baskets at Michaels and they are currently filled with shoes. I plan to put some coat hooks above the bench, hopefully this weekend. 



Here’s the table:


Right now it’s looking pretty plain, but with the two little kids I’m hesitant to put anything nice on it. The small crate I have sitting on it is for keys, phones, etc.. I think a mirror would look nice above it though.


I couldn’t be happier with the set and I told her I felt like this was something I could find at Hobby Lobby. I know if I’d seen it in a store I’d have wanted it!


Today I had to take Dakota to the doctor for her 18 month well baby appointment. The doctor and I basically came to the conclusion that she is growing according to plan and is perfect in every way. He didn’t actually say this, but I’m pretty sure he meant to. :)

Here’s her stats:

She weighs 24.12 pounds and is 32 1/4 inches tall. Not much change from the last visit, about one pound and one inch.

The past few visits we had she just cried and cried, but this time she didn’t cry until the nurse actually had to touch her. She did pretty good though and mostly just clung to my chest and hid her face. Poor little baby was scared. 

I’m sure hoping she’ll start talking a little bit. As of right now she says about 10 words so I feel like she’s way behind in this aspect, but the doctor told me not to worry too much. I’m hoping that her speech will eventually just take off like Harper’s did.

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