Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Day!


It has been snowing here all day. We’ve got several inches out there and it sure doesn’t seem to be letting up at all. Schools are cancelled for tomorrow, so Landon is ecstatic! The high for tomorrow is supposed to be 13, so I guess we’ll just be keeping ourselves in the house!

Everyone except Dakota and I went out in the snow today. I asked Kota if she wanted to go outside and she said uh-uh. She pretty much says that about everything though so I don’t know if she really meant it or not but I decided it was probably best to keep her out of it anyways.

Zoe, Landon and Brandon walked down to the park with Harper, but they weren’t down there long. The wind is really blowing and it is just super cold. Harper is always ready to come in the house once his hands get cold so I knew he wouldn’t last long anyways.

Once Harper had had enough, the three big kids decided to go sledding. They weren’t gone too terribly long, but they had a good time. I made Zoe bring her phone to get some pictures…and she remembered to use it!





Dakota wanted a yogurt for her snack after nap so I got one out and opened it for her. I’m not sure what I did wrong exactly, but she had a major meltdown when I offered it to her. I sat on the floor to help her with it and she threw herself down crying. So, I just waited, and when she saw me still sitting there she crawled over to the mat in front of the refrigerator and finished her tantrum there. It was a pretty dramatic scene and I couldn’t help but take a picture.


She stayed like that for awhile and then got up and came over and climbed in my lap ready to eat her yogurt. Man this age is tough to figure out!

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