Monday, January 20, 2014

Update on KoKo

Today, Dakota was feeling better by leaps and bounds. When she first woke up this morning, I thought we were going to be in for another rough day, but after about 30 minutes, the meds had kicked in and she was very close to her old cute self.

Her doctor called us tonight to let us know that her test came back positive for Herpes Simplex 1. He asked how she was and if the bleeding in her mouth had subsided. We told him there was still some bleeding but the worst of it seemed to be over. He also told us that while she shouldn’t ever have an outbreak this bad again, she will be prone to getting these types of sores. Poor thing. I hope she never has to go through anything like that again.


Breakfast can be such a pain these days. It seems like I just can’t find anything either of the two little's want to eat. I ran through my usual list with Harper but he didn’t want anything I suggested. When I asked him what it was he wanted he said chicken noodle soup. I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything so I made him and Koko both a bowl, and they ate it right up! Not what I would have thought, but whatever! At least they’re eating!


We hung out at home for most of the day, but I did run out to Target with the two of them for a couple of necessities. I made sure to keep my trip short because I didn’t want to push my luck with Kota. We were in and out of there and back home in less than an hour.

Since Landon had the day off of school, Mema came over and brought the kids lunch from McDonalds. Once I got Dakota down for a nap she took Landon to the bowling alley for a few games. They invited Harper but he had a meltdown because he wanted to play Super Mario 3D. He was NOT about to give up his game time for a trip to the bowling alley! Smile


Today was Zoe’s last day of work at the theatre. She decided to celebrate by going to a movie. Go figure. Landon, Brandon and Zoe went out to see Frozen, and they all said it was pretty good. While they were gone the schools automated system called to let us know that school had been cancelled for tomorrow. I guess it’s a good thing everyone is off tomorrow (Tony has a doc appt. tomorrow so he already planned to be off) since we’re supposed to be getting some snow!

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