Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Day at Preschool

Today was my day to work at Harper’s preschool. I was assigned the playroom this time, and we had a lot of fun. The first group of 6 kids I had fed me food from the kitchen area the whole time. Harper, of course, started the whole thing, but after awhile 5 of the 6 were feeding me something. They were taking my orders and promptly filling them; it was some of the best service I’ve ever received!

One of the little boys didn’t want to feed me though. He was busy with Lego’s. I asked him what he was building and he said a “gun so that I can shoot everyone”. Alarming…a little. But, they are Lego’s. I told him he could build but that he wasn’t allowed to shoot at anyone with them. He agreed and only shot at imaginary things around the room. He ended up building two, so he was busy with the assembly part more than the shooting part, so I didn’t have to intervene again, thankfully.

The second group of kids had completely different ideas. They all had something different out until one of the little girls asked to play a board game. I asked her which one and she pointed to Twister. I figured she’d played it before so I pulled it down. Once it was down she asked me how to play. So, before I knew it I was showing 4 preschoolers the difference between their left and right hands and feet. I spun the spinner for them and they loved putting their feet and hands on the circles, but trying to do left and right didn’t quite work out. So, I improvised and we did feet, hands, noses, elbows etc.and they had a great time! I can’t remember ever laughing so hard! They were so cute trying to play the game! They each wanted a turn to spin the spinner and they too improvised which was funny. I just wish Harper had been in that group because he would have loved playing!

I hate having to leave Dakota behind, but there is nothing better than coming home and having her run to me with her arms outstretched! She gives me the best welcome home I could ever ask for! I know it won’t last forever, these running open arm hugs, so I make sure to relish each one.

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