Monday, February 3, 2014

PB & J Sushi

It rained and rained and rained today. I had a few errands I had planned on running this morning, but dragging two little one’s out in that mess just didn’t appeal to me, so we stayed right here all day. We just played and played and I fit in a little housework when I could.

We did some painting. I grabbed an empty toilet paper roll and squished it to make a heart shape, then we dipped it in red paint to make hearts. It didn’t work that great though because my squished heart was a little lopsided. Lucky for me, the two littles didn’t know nor did they care.



Tony came up with a great idea for their lunch yesterday and when I asked them if they wanted it again, they both said yes! (Well, Harper said yes and Dakota just wanted food. And now.) They are little peanut butter and jelly sushi rolls! Cute, huh?


Not the best picture, but Harper kept trying to grab it as I took the picture so I had to be quick! Dakota likes hers with ham and cheese, and I’m just always happy that they’re eating…

Three little Harper funnies before I go:

  1. He was in the bath crying (because he didn’t want to get in) and I told him he had a dent in his forehead (the crease from crying). He said, while crying, “but I don’t want to go to the dentist!”. Haha! I suppose a dentist should fix dents…
  2. He was playing a game but had asked me to help him with it. When I found a secret in the game he said, very dramatically, “Ohhh…that was mysterious!”
  3. We were playing follow the leader and it was my turn to follow him. I was doing exactly what he was doing and he eventually took off running. Well, I was following his lead, so I too began running and all of a sudden he stopped and asked me why I was chasing him! I think he forgot we were playing follow the leader because he acted like he was upset that I was chasing him and said it very accusingly. I thought it was funny…but maybe you just had to be there?

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