Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Walk

I couldn’t decide yesterday if I wanted to go somewhere with the kids or just stay home. I waffled back and forth all morning but ultimately decided to just stay home. We’re having decent weather so we got our coats on and headed outside for a morning walk.


Dakota is always happy to go outside but Harper needs a little coaxing sometimes. He’s just as content to stay indoors reading books and playing games. I promised Dakota she could bring her babies and stroller and I grabbed the magnifying glass for Harper to use while we were out…and we were off.


Dakota wanted a chance with the magnifying glass too…



We made it all the way down to the park where they jumped in the puddles and found some sticks to hit the water with. They were just delighted with themselves!



When they’d had their fill of splashing around we headed back home. They were so content to just walk and explore everything around them and I never had to carry anyone, so I considered it a complete success!

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